Foodie App Inclusions

A complete food delivery solution

Customer App

Customers can check restaurants and order their favorite dish anywhere and anytime

Restaurant App + Restaurant Panel

This app will help restaurant owners, and vendors manage their food orders effortlessly.

Driver App + Dashboard

Helps the delivery person to keep track of all their current and incoming food delivery orders.

Admin Panel

This panel equips business owners with a one-stop solution to manage their business without any hassle.

Web & Landing Page

An attractive website and landing page comes along with this app to promote restaurant and dishes to attract more customers.


Even if you are not familiar with technical jargon, the documentation will guide you to manage this app efficiently.

Newest Features of the App

Dynamic color selection

This dynamic color selection option will help you to pick any color for your app and match your restaurant theme.

QR Scanner

Customers can scan QR codes and easily access the restaurant menu, and select the food they want to order.

Multilingual support with RTL

This feature extends the user experience and makes it comfortable to converse in another language.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our app has multiple payment gateways which allow the customer to make payments easily.

Standard Features of our App

Google Map APIs

This feature will help restaurants, customers, and drivers track locations and complete the food orders flawlessly.

Live Order and Delivery Tracking

This feature allows the customer to track their food order live till it gets delivered to the doorstep.

Numerous Categories

Easily categorize restaurant and food items with this feature and help customers to choose and satisfy a craving.

Order Invoice & History

Customers can find and download invoices of current and previous food orders.

Features of our Customer App

Dynamic Sliders

This feature helps customers to view a variety of dishes and restaurants to choose their favorite food.

Categorized Food Items

Customers can view food dishes categorized in different sections and this makes it easy to choose from.

Popular Food Nearby

If customers like exploring different food, this feature will help them to view all the popular food nearby.

New Arrivals

Customers can view all the new dishes displayed by favorite restaurants and choose.

Best Offers

Restaurants can use this feature and provide the best offers on their dishes and attract more customers.

Popular Restaurants

This feature will help customer to find the popular restaurant nearby their location.

Restaurant details

Here customers can view all the restaurant information such as location, distance, ratings, etc.

Bestseller Details

Customers can view the best-sold dish in the restaurant and order the dish.

Add to Cart

With this feature, customers can add more than one food item to the cart and order together.

Detailed Food Description

This feature helps the customer to view a detailed description of the food they want to order.


Customers can view the items that they have added to the cart, and make changes if needed.

Customize Addons

With this feature customers can opt. for addon dishes which can be selected and added to the main order.

Order Summary

This will help the customer to view the order summary such as food name, and quantity, before placing the order

Apply Coupon

Customers can select the different coupons that are available and get discounts on their orders.

Bill Details

This will help the customer to view the full bill details and know about other fees like a delivery fee, discount amount, etc.

Tip delivery partner

If a customer would like to tip the delivery person they can do it using this feature.

Delivery Person info

This section will help the customer to view the details of the delivery person such as name, deliveries made by the person in past, etc.

Ordered item summary

Here the customer will find details such as estimated time of delivery, delivery location details if the delivery partner has picked up the order, etc.

View Details

Customers can view all the details of the restaurant such as Rating, Approximate cost, and then choose the place where they would like to have lunch or dinner.


Customers can reserve or book a table from their favorite restaurant, just they will have to select the time, date, and number of people.

View Menu

Here the customers can view the menu of the restaurant.

Booking Status

This section will help the customers to get booking confirmation. Restaurant details, Table booking details can be viewed over here.

Features of our Restaurant App

Order List

The restaurant owner can view the list of items ordered by the customer.

Accept or Reject

This feature will help restaurant owners to accept or reject orders.

Order Cost

Restaurant owners can view the total cost of ordered items.

Add or Delete

This feature will help restaurant owners to Add or delete items from their menus.


Restaurant owners can decide when they would like to publish a newly added dish.


This option will help restaurant owners to place additional dishes along with the main dish, customers can later select if they need to add these side dishes.

Product Details

Here restaurant owners can add details about the products such as name, price, customization option, add-ons, etc.


Restaurant owners can add numerous discounts and offers which can be customized as per their requirements, like special offers on festival occasions or special offers on anniversaries, or even for random weekdays.

Wallet withdrawal

This section has features that will help restaurant owner to add a bank account and withdraw earnings. Owners can also view total earnings, past withdrawals, etc.

Features of our Driver App


Here driver has the option to view the delivery location and then he can accept or reject the order. If the driver accepts the order, a confirmation message is sent to the restaurant. The driver can also view the expected earnings.

Order history

The driver can view the history of his deliveries and also the items that have been delivered.

Bank details

The driver can add the bank details in which they would like to withdraw the earnings. The driver can also keep track of his withdrawals.

Making Food Delivery Experience Smooth

Dynamic Admin Dashboard

With this Powerful and Dynamic Admin Dashboard, it is easy to manage partners, products, categories, orders, sliders offer banners, and many other features.

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