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A complete Parking Service solution

Customer App

With ParkME find a spot quickly and effortlessly.

Admin Panel

Login through Email & Password and easily get access for app.

Web & Landing Page

This Page is helpful for web users, they can see whole process of ParkME app goal, it working options and how to get mobile app.


If you are not familiar with technical knowledge, this guide is there for your help.

Standard Features of our App


Find Parking

Locate available parking spots in real-time, including street parking, garages, and lots.

GPS Navigation

Provide turn-by-turn directions to the selected parking location.

Parking Availability

Display real-time information on parking spot availability, including the number of open spaces in a lot or garage.


Allow users to reserve parking spots in advance, ensuring they have a guaranteed spot when they arrive.

Payment Processing

Enable users to pay for parking within app, supporting various payment methods like credit/debit cards etc.

Parking Rates

Display pricing information for different parking options and durations.

Parking History

Keep a history of past parking sessions, payments, and locations for reference.

Parking Discounts and Coupons

Offer discounts and promotional codes for parking to save users money.

Reviews and Ratings

Allow users to rate and review parking locations to help others choose the best spots.

User Account Management

Allow users to create and manage their accounts, including profile information and payment methods.

Multi-language Support

Offer the app in multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base.

Crowdsourced Parking Information

Allow users to contribute real-time parking availability information to help others find parking spots.


Add Money to Wallet by multiple Payment gateways

Light Mode / Dark Mode

Auto System option- switch to different mode you would like to for example dark or light or auto system for app.

Multiple Currency Support

This app gives you multiple payment options as well multiple currency support too, you can pay in any currency.

Edit profile

edit your profile anytime with this option.

Delete Account

Delete account if you don’t want to continue the app.

Chat Conversation

You can initiate a call or use the chat feature to communicate with the parking owner directly.

Making Parking Experience Smooth


Dynamic Admin Dashboard

With this Powerful and Dynamic Admin Dashboard, it is easy to manage partners, products, categories, orders, sliders offer banners, and many other features.

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