Cabme App Inclusions

A complete Cab Service solution

Customer App

Customers can add locations and get
cab ride anywhere and anytime.

Driver App + Dashboard

Drivers can accept or reject their riding options and get payment accordingly.

Admin Panel

Login through Email & Password and easily get access for app.

Web & Landing Page

This Page is helpful for web users, they can see whole process of CabMe app goal, it working options and how to get mobile app.


If you are not familiar with technical knowledge, this guide is there for your help.

Bonus Features of our App

Dynamic color selection

This dynamic color selection option will help you to pick any color for your app and match your restaurant theme.

Multilingual support with RTL

This feature extends the user experience and makes it comfortable to converse in another language.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our app has multiple payment gateways which allow the customer to make payments easily.

Standard Features of our App

Easy registration

Both travelers and drivers can sign up with a cabme app, by entering their personal details. Besides, we ensure that your app users can make registration with a few steps.

Book Ride

You may have cabs and other types of vehicles. As travelers have different needs, they will find this feature helpful for app.

Fare Estimation

Our app can automatically calculate the fare based on the pickup and drop-off locations. Thus, passengers can easily know their travel costs.

Track Your Cab

Where is your driver now? How much time will he take to reach the chosen site? Real-time tracking gives peace to travelers.

Smart Digital Wallet

By synchronizing wallets with a bank account, the customer may pay directly from the cab app. In our taxi app integrated this element.

Push Notifications

From app can send automatic notifications to your customers. For instance, customers can receive alerts on the trip fares, driver’s location, and other related details.

Estimated cab arrival time

It is another useful feature of our taxi app like uber to help passengers in knowing the time of arrival of your taxi.

Promo Codes

Users always look for special offers and discount on your service charge. Thus, we help them to apply promo codes and coupons while booking from app.

Conversation with drivers

In some cases, users may need to communicate with drivers. Thus, we add the in-built calling ability to help them in solving their queries.

Ratings and reviews

Let riders rate your service from the app interface. You can learn about the performance of your drivers.

Trip Verification

After confirming the trip, riders will get verification emails and messages.

Ride cancellation

Both drivers and riders have options to cancel rides when one of the parties has some problems. Consequently, with one click from a taxi app.

Assign a driver

As an admin, you may assign a driver to manage riders’ requests. You can do it by checking the availability of drivers and the location of riders.


The built-in Google Maps can help drivers to find the shortest routes.

Reporting and Analytics

Moreover, from the taxi app interface, you can collect your business data and find the best analytical solution.

Track earnings

From the app drivers can track earning. Thus, drivers can calculate how much they have earned every day with their cab driving service.

Making Cab Service Experience Smooth

Dynamic Admin Dashboard

With this Powerful and Dynamic Admin Dashboard, it is easy to manage partners, products, categories, orders, sliders offer banners, and many other features.

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