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Quicko AI - Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

Quicko AI is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that empowers its users with cutting-edge OpenAI Artificial Intelligence technology, enabling them to effortlessly create unique content and images. With Quicko AI, users can generate new, original content that is free of plagiarism, as well as improve existing content in multiple languages.

They can also easily create professional-grade images using OpenAI DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion by simply describing the image they want to produce. Moreover, Quicko AI offers a unique AI Chat feature that allows users to interact with multiple chatbots and AI in real-time.

The powerful admin panel of Quicko AI enables businesses to specify what types of OpenAI Models (GPT3.5 Turbo, GPT3: Davinci, Curie, Babbage, Ada) they want to allow for each user group and create detailed subscription plans with all the features and specifications they want to use. With Quicko AI, businesses can start their operations immediately and generate substantial revenue.

Disclaimer: The app will utilize an API provided by https://platform.openai.com that requires a paid service for the models to function.

Quicko AI Feature

Power of OpenAI Models

Choose from GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-3, Ada, Davinci, Curie, and Babbage for Your AI Needs

Generate AI Images:

AI Image Generation: Unlocking Endless Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

Unlimited Categories :

Empower Organization and Scalability with the Unlimited Categories Creation Feature

Unlimited Banner:

Embrace Boundless Possibilities with QuickOAI’s Unlimited Banner Creation Feature

Unlimited AI ChatBot creation feature

Explore Infinite Possibilities with QuickOAI’s Unlimited AI ChatBot Creation Feature

AI Chat Assistant:

Enhancing Conversations with Intelligent Virtual Companions


Unleashing the Power of the “AI Code Feature” in QUICKOAI – ChatGPT

Export Result :

Transforming Your Results into PDF, Word, and Text Documents with Ease

Favorite Template:

Personalize Your Workflow: Saving Templates as Favorites for Quick and Easy Access

Social Media Login:

Seamless Connectivity: Simplify Access with Social Media Login Integration

Fully Responsive:

A Seamless Experience Across Devices: Embrace the Power of a Fully Responsive Interface

Powerful admin panel:

Effortless Control and Management: Unleashing the Potential of a Powerful Admin Panel

Create prepaid and subscription plans

Flexible Payment Options: Empowering Users with Prepaid and Subscription Plans Creation

Blog Manager:

Effortless Blog Management: Streamline Your Content with the Powerful “Blog Manager”

Currency Manager:

Seamless Currency Control: Empower Your Finances with the Dynamic “Currency Manager”

Language Manager:

Master Multilingual Interactions: Empowering Communication with the Dynamic “Language Manager”

RTL Support:

Embracing Diversity with Robust “RTL Support” in QUICKO AI – ChatGPT

Content management system:

Introducing QuickOAI’s Dynamic Content Management System (CMS)

Tax Manager:

Streamline Your Finances with QuickOAI’s Powerful Tax Manager

Transaction Manager:

Simplify Financial Operations with Dynamic Transaction Manager

Wallet Management

Take Control of Your Finances with ChatGPT’s Powerful Wallet Manager

Support Request Manager:

Streamline Customer Interactions with Support Requests Manager

Role Management System :

Empower User Access Control with QuickOAI’s Dynamic Role Management System

Discount Manager:

Boost Sales and Engage Customers with QuickOAI’s Powerful Discount Manager

Email Templates :

Enhance Efficiency with QuickOAI’s Dynamic Email Templates

Review Manager :

Enhance Reputation and Customer Feedback with QuickOAI’s Dynamic Review Manager

Meta and LOGO :

Customize Your Meta and Logo with QuickOAI’s Powerful Branding Tools

Regular License

Buy Now: 59.00 USD

Extended License

Buy Now: 399.00 USD

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