eMart App Inclusions

A complete Multi Service solution

Multi vendor Service

Customer can buy anytime online multiple grocery items from nearest bestseller store.

eCommerce Service App

This app helps customers to buy vivid categories in organizational way.

Cab Service App

In this app customer get fastest and affordable cabs for safe ride.

Parcel Service App

This app gives easy and hassle-free parcel services from anywhere to everywhere.

Rental Service App

Customer can choose the car category and drive by their own effortlessly.

Newest Features of the App

Dynamic color selection

This dynamic color selection option will help you to pick any color for your app and match your restaurant theme.

QR Scanner

Customers can scan QR codes and easily access the restaurant menu, and select the food they want to order.

Multilingual support with RTL

This feature extends the user experience and makes it comfortable to converse in another language.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our app has multiple payment gateways which allow the customer to make payments easily.

Standard Features of our App

Google Map APIs

This feature will help restaurants, customers, and drivers track locations and complete the food orders flawlessly.

Live Order and Delivery Tracking

This feature allows the customer to track their food order live till it gets delivered to the doorstep.

Numerous Categories

Easily categorize restaurant and food items with this feature and help customers to choose and satisfy a craving.

Order Invoice & History

Customers can find and download invoices of current and previous food orders.

Features of Multi vendor Service

Customer App

Now a day’s people are running short on time. Many people do not find grocery shopping physically interesting. We want a more convenient option that is the online grocery shopping apps.


First of all, you need to sign in with your email ID and password. And set the profile with your vehicle information, name and address. Then get the order from grocery store who wants to drop their things somewhere. In details it shows expected earning amounts and trip distance.

Map View

Customer can see in map the location of the grocery store.


In this page customer can see vivid variety in grocery items category like fruits, vegetables, dairy, beauty care, etc.

Product Details

If customer select any one grocery store then they can see all required things to buy the items like location, ratings, reviews, discount offers and items with price.


After selecting the items customer can customize it by weight.


After customization customer can redeem coupon, delivery option, total amount and tip to the delivery partner.


The checkout process shows payment option like online with Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, Paytm and shipping address information.


The customer can also chat with shipper for delivery update.

Live Tracking

The customer can track their order by live location tracking of shipper and also get information that which vehicle shipper is coming


After the delivery customer can give their review and rating for the item.

Transaction Details

The customer can see their wallet transaction details and can link their account with bank.

Driver App

People are now more likely to hangout by car. But did you hear that you can hangout by car and you can earn from it too? Let’s see brief information of the features of the driver’s app.


First of all, you need to sign in with your email ID and password. And set the profile with your vehicle information, name and address. Then get the order from grocery store who wants to drop their things somewhere. In details it shows expected earning amounts and trip distance.

Reach Store

In next step, driver reaches the location of grocery store and picks up the order and got order ID and name.

Pick Order

After picking order it shows quantity of items and weightage. The driver can call to delivery person for any query.

Reached drop location

Then driver delivered the order to the customer’s address and marked as delivered the order successfully.


The customer gives plenty of dollars to the driver in cash or online through Paytm or Razorpay or any other way. Then driver can check his daily, monthly and yearly earnings and withdraw it.

Store App

Who don’t love to buy online everything on their mobile? Guess, No one! So here is the brief information of features of Store App.


Login to the account with email ID and password, then you can see different store and their location, order list with price and quantity.


In next step you can see product details like name, pictures, quantity, price, size and add-ons option.

Product Details

In detail of size and add-ons option you can see full description of product with photo and customization price per weight.

Add Store

In the next step, you can add another store with name, categories like veggies, fruits, etc., timing and description for products.

Store Location

In this step, store location shows like address, apartment or suite name, city, state and country name or you can use current GPS location for accuracy.

Map Location

In GPS location you can see perfect pinned map location for accurate address.

Coupon Code

For coupon offer you can make one with fix price and expiry date too!

Offers list

After creating the coupon, you can get list of coupons with discount offer and expired date.

Making Multi Vendor Service Experience Smooth

Features of eCommerce Service

Ecommerce apps have turn out to be an existence choice; people initiate it much easier to shop online since the beginning of the ecommerce business. Here is the brief information about this app features:

Select Categories

In first step, login in app through email and password, then home page shows different categories (men, women, kid, footwear), popular fashion stores, famous brands, etc.

Store details

Second step, selected store or category item shows their prices with best offers in discounts and promo codes.

Product details

In the third step, selected item’s details are shown like material, color, size, specifications, related products, and customer’s reviews.

Customize Add-ons in cart

In case of any customer want to customize on any product or want to add anything along with the particular item like dupatta or belt kind of things.

Coupon code/Promo code

In cart, it shows selected items with their final price with applicable discount and promo code on the total amount.

Payment method

Then method of payment shows like online through Paytm, or app wallet or cash on delivery.

Tip the delivery partner

If any customer wants to give any tip to delivery partner, then there is an option in app.

Order History

After finishing the process of payment, customer can check full order history like price, item quantity, etc.

Track the Order

There is live order tracking system available on this app which helps customers to check their product location.

Making eCommerce Service Experience Smooth

Features of Cab Service

Taxi app development is one of the best service for time & cost saving through mobile applications. Taxi apps cover two main benefits for passengers & drivers and it is so much easy to communicate with both on the same time through mobile applications.


First of all, rider need to make an account through email or mobile number and password.

Make Profile

Rider can make profile by adding the details like name, email, and country.

Home Page

After making profile, rider can see home page for book a taxi.

Pickup-Drop off Location

Rider can select pickup and drop off location from map before booking a taxi.

Select Vehicle

Rider have multiple choice of vehicles available like sedan, mini or SUV.

Payment Method

Rider can select payment methods from cards of banks or app wallet or cash on delivery.

Payment & Promo Code

Rider can apply Promo Code for cashback and discount on ride offers.

Driver’s Information

After ride accepted by the driver, a rider can view details of driver like name, image, contact number and can talk with driver.

Chat Feature

Rider can chat with driver in this feature, which is easy for booking a ride.

Review & Rating

Rider can give review and ratings after the end of ride as per the experience of taxi and driver.

Live Tracking

In this feature rider can get real-time updates for ride acceptance, driver’s location and throughout the journey live tracking.

Ride History

In this feature rider can see their history of completed rides, cancelled rides including details of fares and locations.

Making Cab Service Experience Smooth

Features of Parcel Service

Are you looking for a fast delivery app service provider for your business? Or, just want deliver a package to a relative who’s based in the different part of the city? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to get your medicines home delivered? Well, we have all in one best parcel service app.

Check out the brief features about this app:


First of all, login into the app through email and password.

Select Category

The next step is select category from what customer want to send like gifts, documents, electronic items, package material, medicines, etc.

Quick Delivery

In the next step after the selection of category customer have to fulfill the information like sender’s information, address, name, phone number, parcel weight, note (if handle with care), receiver’s information, address, name, phone number, and image of parcel. This option of delivery sends quick parcel to the receivers.

Schedule Delivery

In this option sender’s information like same as quick delivery option but customer can select date and time for delivery to the receiver address. It is very helpful feature for perfect time and date delivery to give surprises!

Payment Method

Payment method is up to depended upon distance of km and weight. Customer can apply promo codes, payment by sender or receiver. And payment method like online through Stripe, Razorpay, Paytm, or Cash on delivery.

Live Tracker

Customer can track their order and live location of shipper.

Chat with Shipper

Customer can also chat and talk through call and text to the shipper.

Order summery

In the last, the full order history shows location, distance, weight, rate, and shipper information.

Making Parcel Service Experience Smooth

Features of Rental Service

Self-drive or Car Rental apps have now changed the way we travel in India. Today, it’s no longer important to own a car for our family outings, vacation escapes or even internal trip. Now, you can rent a car for all your requirements, like a boss with the ultimate luxury and relief.

So, here are the features of this app in brief:

Create Profile

First of all, create a profile in app and add some details like name, email and password and login the app.

Choose Location with/without Driver

After login, select few option like date & time, pickup and drop off location and book a car with or without a driver.

Car Selection

In next phase, select the car categories like hatchback, sedan or SUV.

Car Details

Once rider select a car then they can see full details of car like rent fare, car pictures, car facilities, and location where car parked.

Chat with Driver

Rider can chat or make a call with driver for their convenient and ease to book a car.

Car Reviews

Rider can see full history of reviews about the selected car as per past rider’s experience.

Payment Method

Then rider can select payment method like online through app wallet or Paytm, Stripe, Razorpay, and cash payment too.

Booking History

The rider can see full details of their booked car in details like pickup and drop off locations, car parked location and fare summery.

Making Rental Service Experience Smooth

Dynamic Admin Dashboard

With this Powerful and Dynamic Admin Dashboard, it is easy to manage partners, products, categories, orders, sliders offer banners, and many other features.

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